Suitcase full of Patience


Many customers ask what they should make sure to carry to India; my response is a “suitcase full of patience.” As we people of the west so often are conditioned to have our lives function in an orderly and efficient manner we often are not open to the way that life functions in the east. Here is a small travel story that inspires me to remember this as well.

Jaipur to Delhi highway a major travel route busy with trucks and buses tractors and many other modes of transport a route I have traveled many many times. At night with truck head lights bearing down on you, your life flashes by you till you manage to some how squeeze your vehicle and heart in a tiny hole and it passes you by.

I do not recommend traveling at night in India by car; maybe I am just too much of a man from the west. So I plan, must leave by no later then 2.00 in the afternoon in order to make Delhi by nightfall. This day we followed the plan all packed up and on the road in time. Then we had a flat tire ok, just a flat we change it and on we go, Then 20 kilometers later the tread comes off the next tire. So now we have an issue, no automobile assocatition to come and fix. So the plan is our driver will get a ride off the farmer on his tractor with our two tires in hand go to the next village and then come back. Off he went we are on the road with no tires and no way to plan any more. After a while two young boys cross the highway and invite us to the compound that their grandfather looks after up the road.

This is India; people are so generous with whatever they do have. Up the road over the ditch and we arrived in a lush compound growing with lemon trees and shade from the heat of the day (40 degrees c) a old durie rug is brought out and here we sit. Then the boys bring out the English school text that they are studying at school and we have an English lesson. Then appears some rice and vegetables and we have lunch and after every good lunch in India we have a nap. There is no rush things well come together in its time. Yes they do 5 hours later our driver returns with the tires after going from village to village to get the right one. We didn’t make it to Delhi before dark that evening but I did learn to accept the way the day unfolded, as well as the experience of genuine hospitality offer to us travelers.